• The best ingredients

    Safe and reassuring ingredients
    Toshimaya’s cuisine uses only the safest ingredients that a mother would use for her child.
    We also wish to provide guests with meals that are unique to a hot spring town in the deep mountain and thus include dishes from mountain hunting and home country cooking on our menu.
    An endeavor that we began in 2001 is the development of Satoyama Kaiseki with unique flavors you can only get at Toshimaya.

    The best ingredients
  • Satoyama Kaiseki

    Hot food served hot

    We devised a special method for serving the food to ensure you can enjoy the flavors and textures of freshly cooked cuisine.
    Our traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner in which each dish is carefully brought out one at a time is infused with Toshimaya’s wish that our guests savor dishes at their most delicious moment.
    Please enjoy our dishes that are packed with the blessings of nature and sincerity of our head chef.

  • Homegrown production
    for home consumption

    At Toshimaya, we strive to grow our own food ingredients to ensure they are safe and reassuring for our guests.
    The Toshimaya Agriculture Department emerged as a result, and it is through this Department that we obtain the bounties of nature every day and even make our own miso and pickles.

    Homegrown production for home consumption<

Satoyama Kaiseki (Standard Course)


Satoyama Kaiseki is Toshimaya’s classic specialty course.
Our safe and fresh ingredients that are mostly from Gunma offer the triple bounties of the mountains, river, and village (fields)! Our head chef who trained in Kyoto puts every ounce of his skills into the kaiseki meal he creates.
We hope you enjoy it.
(Please note that items and/or ingredients are subject to change with availability.)

  • Choice Kaiseki

    Choice Kaiseki


    Choice luxury kaiseki dinner of exquisite dishes packed with delicious seasonal flavors. Enjoy the season.
    Toshimaya’s originally-crafted Satoyama Kaiseki meal is taken to the next level in our Choice Kaiseki that lets you fully savor seasonal flavors and local ingredients.
    (Please note that items and/or ingredients are subject to change with availability.)


    Steak Kaiseki


    The juices spilling over and savory flavor of the Joshu beef meat creates the perfect harmony.
    We offer a Steak Kaiseki dinner with 150 g of marbled Joshu beef steak with the best savory flavors of Gunma.
    Have it cooked to the degree you prefer and savor it with rock salt and pepper or ponzu sauce.
    (Please note that items and/or ingredients are subject to change with availability.)


    Hanakago Gozen


    If you cannot eat a lot and want to eat delicious foods a little at a time.
    For you, we recommend our Hanakago Gozen.
    Each item is less volume.
    *Hanakago Gozen dishes are all brought to your table at the same time.
    (Please note that items and/or ingredients are subject to change with availability.)

  • made_to_order
    Stone-cooked Joshu beef steak 200 g

    Stone-cooked Joshu beef steak 200 g
    3,500 yen

    Salt-grilled char trout (one)

    Salt-grilled char trout (one)
    1,200 yen

    Japanese rolled omelet using locally raised chicken eggs

    Japanese rolled omelet using locally raised chicken eggs 1,200 yen

  • Shima has delicious water and is the best place for making delicious sake.
    We hope you will try our local sake.
    Toshimaya has several Japanese sake varieties made by breweries to match each of our dishes.
    These Japanese sake that were made with great care each taste different. We visited the breweries frequently to ensure each is the ultimate masterpiece, made to bring out the flavors of the ingredients to the greatest extent possible.

    Shima-no-Mori Beer
    Shima-no-Mori Beer
    Toshimaya Junmai Ginjo
    Toshimaya Junmai Ginjo

Gentle for waking bodies
Breakfast that awakens your senses.
Our breakfast that was created with this concept in mind includes miso soup packed with 13 local vegetables, hand-made tofu made from domestic soybeans, Toshimaya’s originally-crafted Japanese charr salted and dried overnight, and other dishes that will give you the energy you need for your day.
*Photos show only an example.